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bodywork and natural healing



  Kavitro Roy, B.Ed.

  certified practitioner of Shiatsu

  and Thai yoga massage



I discovered yoga, meditation, and other healing modalities when I was 21 and traveling in India for the first time. 

A few years later, feeling burned out by a stressful job, I was looking for an alternative way of healing myself. I discovered that plants were my allies and undertook a two-year training in herbal therapy. I also met an amazing counselor and Shiatsu practitioner who inspired my journey of healing and personal growth. 

As I saw the effect of the Shiatsu on my body, mind and soul, I formed the intention to share this beautiful technique with others. I studied Shiatsu at the Guijek school in Montreal and Thai yoga massage with Itzhak Helman from the Sunshine Network. 

I now live in Victoria, BC, Canada and share the gifts I have received with others. 


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